Lighting Methods That Can Be Used in Interiors

Lighting is an essential component of any design. Lighting creates a space's mood and ambiance. A well-thought-out lighting design will be reflected in any good design.
Lighting must be planned and designed in the early stages, after the floor and furniture layout have been determined. It is critical to decide how you want your walls to be highlighted by using wallpapers and surface textures in a variety of materials. Make a plan for your art and artefacts. The benefit of paying attention to the finer details is that the lighting can be planned to highlight these elements.

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♦ Ambient lighting
♦ Accent lighting
♦ Scenic lighting
♦ Decorative lighting

♦ Ambient lighting – Ambient lighting refers to the quality of light and is used in general. Ambient lighting can be designed using one of two methods: a) diffused lighting or b) direct lighting. Use a combination of diffused and direct lighting to achieve a striking balance. Diffused lighting creates a soft atmosphere by casting small shadows. Use coves in the ceiling to wash the wall or coves in a tray to wash the ceiling and bounce back soft light when designing diffused lighting. The use of direct lighting results in a high-contrast interplay of light and dark.

♦ Accent lighting – Accent lighting is used to draw attention to specific elements of design or art. Depending on the type of fixture used, exciting and theatrical effects can be created. For example, you can light a piece of art without any light spilling over the wall, or furniture can be highlighted mysteriously by simply flooding it and not even seeing the light fall on it, or you can wash a whole wall with just one small fixture; all of this can be accomplished with imported fixtures available in UAE at stores selling lifestyle lighting fixtures.

♦ Scenic lighting – Scenic lighting is lighting that is put together to create different moods. Using lighting automation systems is the best way to create scenes because it simplifies lighting at a single button selection that can control a group of lights or even a combination of three lighting modes.

♦ Decorative lighting – Depending on the design of the fixture, decorative lighting can function as downlighters or provide diffused lighting. The primary purpose of decorative lights is not only to provide lighting but also to add flair to a space's décor. Choose a minimal fixture for a contemporary look or bring in a fusion with a chandelier or an eclectic design fitting depending on the design flavour of the space. Decorative lights come in a variety of styles, colours, materials, and, of course, budgets ranging from a few thousand to lakhs.

Important considerations

Make use of anti-glare technical downlights. Only the effect of light, rather than the source, is visible in these fixtures.
To obtain natural light luminescence, use a daylight source for ambient lighting.
If the design features a lot of white highlights, use a white light source.
Plan ahead of time for your lighting.
Invest in high-quality LED fixtures; they save energy and last longer.